Student email upgrade complete

Wednesday 05/11/2022

Big changes to student email happened last week. On May 4, all student email accounts upgraded to email addresses.

Now, students and employees at FSU use the same Office 365 system, which opens doors for greater university-wide collaboration.

All student email account data, including mail, calendar and contacts, has been moved to each student’s new account. OneDrive data was also migrated. While students can no longer access their old email accounts, FSU is forwarding mail from accounts through the Fall 2022 semester and has set up an auto reply message for each mailbox notifying senders of the recipient’s new email address.

ITS did everything we could to make the transition as smooth as possible, but there are still a few steps students will need to take to get up and running with their new account.

First, you should bookmark the new email sign in page:

Then, you will need to set up your new email account on your computer, phone and other devices. You also will need to update your account for Office 365 apps by signing out and signing in with your new @fsu email and password. If you had your student email set up to forward to another account, you will want to update your mail forwarding settings to forward mail from your new email. Finally, while FSU is updating student email addresses for most university apps, such as Zoom, you will need to update your email for accounts such as Instagram or Amazon to point to your new email.

If you have questions about the upgrade or need assistance accessing your new account, please visit the One O365 webpage or contact the ITS Service Desk.