STF Spotlight: Wireless External Force Platforms

Tuesday 02/07/2023

Being a student at FSU has become synonymous with two things: technology and research. Florida State is considered a preeminent research university, and with that distinction comes numerous opportunities for hands-on learning and real-world experiences to enhance learning. Within the Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology, undergraduate and graduate students are given the unique opportunity to learn from the Hawkins Dynamics Wireless Force Platforms.  

Funded by the Student Technology Fee, these force plates are tools of physics, and are used to measure force, time and post-injury readiness of an athlete. Students are therefore given the ability to benchmark performance and neurological readiness, exploring the connection between fatigue and the nervous system. Access to this tool gives students an advantage with relevant experience in this increasingly competitive industry. Teaching faculty in the department, Jason Williams says, “It really starts to connect the dots between the theoretical and the practical. It really just ignites the learning process. There’s so many metrics you can measure with these force plates, so beginning with that is just a foundational exercise.”  

Sports science graduate student, and strength and conditioning graduate assistant Merissa Carpenito says, “The Hawkins Force Platforms has given me the opportunity to create athletic profiles for my athletes, as well as monitor fatigue in season and get a better understanding of return to play protocols.” 

To learn more about the Hawkins Dynamics Wireless Force Platforms and see some of the work FSU students have created, visit our YouTube channel.