Spring Break 2023 Cybersecurity Reminders

Friday 03/10/2023

The time has come! Spring break is here! Before you turn off your computer and leave Tallahassee for break, here are a few cybersecurity reminders: 

  • Be mindful of what you post, especially your location 

While it may be tempting to post a picture of the beautiful spring break sunset, it is best not to do so. People can see what you post and take advantage of your absence, leaving you and your home vulnerable. Wherever you may be this spring break, it is best to wait to post until you return from vacation. Live in the moment and disconnect! 

  • Back up your electronic devices, especially your phone 

Anytime you travel, it is easy for people to take advantage of vulnerabilities. Especially if you are in an unfamiliar location, back up your cell phone and other belongings, just in case you lose them.  

  • Log out of your accounts 

Do not leave your information vulnerable when you are away! Log out of all accounts and protect your passwords from other users.  

  • Lock away belongings 

To protect your belongings when you are away from Tallahassee, be sure to put away any expensive belongings, like laptops and other pieces of technology. 

Have a great spring break, Seminoles!