Security update available for Meeting Owl devices

Tuesday 06/14/2022

A severe vulnerability was recently announced for Meeting Owl video conferencing devices.

The vulnerability, which affected Meeting Owl Pro and Whiteboard Owl devices, enabled attackers to use the device as a rogue wireless access point, thus granting access to the device’s network.

The vendor, Owl Labs, has released two software updates to address the issue.

If you or your department use a Meeting Owl device, please ensure that the latest software update ( is installed.

Devices that are connected to Wi-Fi should have automatically received the update. You can also follow instructions to manually update your Meeting Owl device.

Once software version is installed, this risk of unauthorized network access is resolved, and you may safely resume using the devices.

Future software updates will address additional passcode functionality and security.

For more information, please read the Owl Labs Blog update.