Job Postings: Legit or Scams?

Tuesday 03/21/2023

As we approach the second half of the spring semester, FSU students—specifically juniors and seniors—begin the internship and post-graduation job hunt. Here are some sure signs to know if the job you are applying for is legitimate or a scam.  

  • Suspicious URL 

While doing your research on the company, check the URL with the posting. Is the company’s name spelled correctly? Does it use a credible domain? Pay careful attention to the webpage to make sure it is not spoofed. 

  • Poorly written job post 

Check the wording and overall grammar of the listing. Is the wording off? Are there multiple errors and punctuation issues? A professional company would not do this. In fact, the posting should be easy to understand to attract applicants. If the posting is full of mistakes, ask yourself: Would I want to work for this company in the first place? 

  • Your research comes up empty 

If you see a listing but cannot find any information on the company, such as organizational goals, the founder or even a recruiter, that is a red flag. Trust your research and your gut. 

  • You get asked for personal information 

It is usually a requirement to submit a resume, cover letter and other supplemental documents, but not sensitive and personal information. In the application stage, never give out confidential information, like a social security number, addresses, and banking information. Such things are usually required after you get the job offer and begin onboarding. 

  • Unprofessional communication  

Companies usually communicate through email or company-sponsored communications, like Microsoft Teams. If you are being texted or cold called during the application process that is a red flag.  

In a general sense, it is best to be cautious when applying for a job, especially when the posting sounds too good to be true. Protect your time and information by doing your appropriate research. Most job postings are credible but do keep your eyes open for illegitimate listings. The best tip of all: do not get discouraged. Happy job hunting!