ITS intern success stories

Monday 06/27/2022

The InternFSU program has created opportunities for both Information Technology Services (ITS) employees and student interns. ITS had 13 interns in Fall 2021 and 15 interns Spring 2022, including six returning interns. Over 10 ITS units participated in the intern program last academic year.

The InternFSU program is beneficial for ITS employees and students because interns not only gain professional experience, but also get the opportunity to meet other students and learn about different areas within IT. Additionally, ITS employees gain a new perspective from interns. At the end of the semester, interns put together a presentation about their internship that consists of their projects, their favorite part of the internship and how they contributed to ITS goals.

Our interns have told us they love having the opportunity to contribute meaningful work to the university they love and that they have gained so much from working with ITS professionals. Below, we catch up with a few of our past interns and where they are now.

Allison Muckerman  

My position within ITS was working as a cybersecurity and information security intern.

My current job title is a technology consulting associate at RSM in Alpharetta, Georgia. Within this role, I use Microsoft Dynamics365 to help middle market company clients integrate their existing work structure, files and contacts into Microsoft’s cloud-based business applications platform. My main task is to work with my team to come up with a catered solution for our client that combines components of customer relationship software (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software  with artificial intelligence and productivity applications and deploy this solution as timely and effectively as possible.

The internship I participated in via InternFSU helped me immensely in both my academic career and my professional career. I learned so much about information security and what goes into keeping our university safe and secure. During this internship I was able to greatly improve my communication skills, develop my collaboration skills come out of my comfort zone and learn more about topics, such as cybersecurity, network architecture and information security, that I had little to no knowledge of before. Overall, I cannot say greater things about this internship and the knowledge and mentoring my supervisors and team members taught me. I encourage every FSU student to explore the opportunities InternFSU has to offer!

Nina Rosso

I was the fiscal operations intern at FSU ITS from Fall 2021 to Spring 2022. 

This internship provided me with a lot of hands-on experience in a career while pursuing my education. Throughout my post-graduate interview process I have been able to pull from the various experiences from my time at ITS. This was extremely helpful when interviewing with my job as a project manager in capital markets at Fidelity Information Services. Throughout this process I was able to share a lot of the skills I have gained at ITS, whether they are technical, presentation or time management skills. Being able to share these experiences while interviewing showed that I have more to offer than just my degree at FSU; I can also offer the skills I have learned throughout working at FSU.

In the interview process I was able to share about my projects at ITS and the employer took a genuine interest in what I have accomplished and asked me to walk him through what I did. I felt very prepared to answer this because of the internship program at FSU, which required a presentation summarizing our work.
From start to end, the internship process develops your professional skills, and this is one great example of it. My internship was slightly different than the job I will have at Fidelity Information Services, but it was a steppingstone to finding what I want in my career.

Emily Krna

My position was writing and editing intern for ITS during Fall 2021.

My current job is a copywriter. I have a variety of responsibilities as a copywriter for a marketing agency. I write blog posts, website copy, email newsletters and press releases for our clients. Additionally, I proofread and edit spelling, grammar and syntax for blogs and social media posts. I enjoy collaborating with my fellow copywriters and coworkers to come up with new and exciting ideas for content creation.

My internship with ITS greatly prepared me for my career as a copywriter. During my internship, I learned how to write editorial articles which I now do on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, I also learned how to write for a variety of different mediums, such as blogs, emails, and social media platforms. This has helped me in my career where I now write captions for LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 

I am extremely grateful for all I learned through my ITS internship. I highly recommend it!