How to take advantage of Microsoft OneNote​

Wednesday 11/16/2022

With your FSU email, you receive access to a range of Microsoft Office Applications and Office 365 to access those applications online. Through Office 365 you are able to work on files from anywhere with a web browser and internet connection. This online workspace is the perfect hub for remote teamwork and quick collaboration. One of the applications you have access to, which we are featuring today, is Microsoft OneNote. 

Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app that provides a single place for keeping all of your notes, research, plans, and information — everything you need to remember and manage in your life at home, at work, or at school. (Microsoft). OneNote gives you a way to have a notebook for every class no matter where you are.  

  • Separate Notebooks | Create a notebook for each class, club, or personal needs so none of your notes get mixed together 

  • Online Syncing | By logging into your account you can sync your notes and notebooks no matter where you are  

  • Unlimited Paper | Don’t worry if one page is enough! One page in OneNote is endless making the days  of running out of paper over  

  • Import Notes | You can print a PDF to OneNote making it easy to take notes on a study guide or text without having to physically print it out. You can even highlight directly on the PDF 

  • Easy Share | Through OneNote you can easily print your notes when you want a physical copy or share your notes to other O365 users for quick collaboration  

Learn more about how to access OneNote and get the most out of Office 365 on the ITS website