FSU ITS Fall 2022 Intern Cohort

Tuesday 09/27/2022

Each semester, ITS has been an integral part of the InternFSU program, and this semester is no different. In a variety of different departments and disciplines, FSU ITS has brought 18 student interns into the fold for the Fall 2022 semester. No one role is the same, with the internships reporting to more than 10 different ITS departments, from marketing communications to cybersecurity. 

These interns include: Sharlynn Hurado, Katie Carlson, Brayden Poorvin, Felipe Min, Bria Weisblat and Elizabeth Pam (Directed Independent Study), Pricila Villalta (Technical Writing), Pedro Siman (Linux), Christian Bejarano (Enterprise Document Management), Anna Sofia Piedrahita (PeopleSoft Security), Brandon Casey and Jalen Springer (User Experience), Thomas Hryniewicz (Information Security and Privacy), Kiersten Warren (Marketing Communications), Connor Kelly, Catherine Williams and Vanessa Lai (IT Financial Management Support) and Sheila Gomez Matias (Risk, Compliance and Privacy). 

The InternFSU program serves both the students and staff of FSU by providing 100 paid, on-campus opportunities for students to apply, all to a variety of FSU agencies and organizations. Interns get to meet other like-minded, professionally-driven peers, and staff are given the opportunity to absorb the new perspectives interns bring. 

For the Fall 2022 semester, all FSU ITS interns are placed into a cohort to develop future ITS professionals. This cohort gives interns the unique opportunity to network with other ITS professionals, meet additional FSU students in their field of interest and show off their semester's work to potential employers or other professionals. This is the third semester that all interns have been placed into this cohort, and FSU ITS looks forward to the contributions that interns will bring to the team and the potential for growth throughout the semester. 

If you are a current FSU student and are interested in interning for ITS in the future, be sure to keep an eye out for InternFSU applications on Nole Network. Applications for the spring 2023 semester open on October 14.