FSU Cyberbowl Recap

Monday 10/31/2022

Each October, FSU ITS hosts a cybersecurity initiative, with October being recognized as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. From October 3-14, FSU teamed up with the university of Florida (UF) in an effort to promote important cybersecurity information to help everyone learn to tackle cyberthreats.  

Players took the (virtual) field and tackled a series of questions testing them on their cybersecurity knowledge. For students, each entry was automatically entered into a giveaway for a $500 scholarship and students and employee entries were automatically entered into a raffle for two tickets to the UF vs. FSU game on November 25.  

Additionally, FSU ITS hosted five cybersecurity training workshops—from tips on spotting phishing attempts to a detailed look at FSU’s incident response plan—in an effort to protect the greater FSU community.  

Those who join the exclusive club of having a football signed by Mike Norvell are Lydia Babcock-Adams and Kristin Eddy. For the last of the Cyberbowl prizes, those who won the football tickets to the coveted Florida vs. Florida State game later this month are Kristin Tubeck and Yara Davila. When all is said and done, the 147 total people who attended the cybersecurity training sessions won too, becoming better versed in safe cyber practices to use daily.   

Spoiler alert: FSU beat UF with 4,106 to 2,589 total entries! Thanks to all the Seminoles who played this year and helped us beat UF! 

As always, follow FSU ITS for cybersecurity tips and tricks.