Featuring: FSU Student Computing Support

Thursday 09/15/2022

Being a student at FSU has become synonymous with one thing: technology. It’s used for notes, classes and just the everyday occurrences of the semester. With the chaotic and busy start of the school year, nothing would be worse than your laptop to suddenly become sluggish or stop working entirely. Thus, Florida State has provided all students with a much more convenient and cheaper alternative to getting these issues fixed: FSU Student Computing Support.

FSU Student Computing Support is an on-campus software support service where students can bring their laptops or tablets to be quickly repaired for an affordable price. In fact, technicians will perform a consultation for free!

While students are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation, walk-ins are welcome for students to easily drop off and pick up their device at the on-campus location in the Shaw Building, on 644 W Call Street. Below is a list of the services provided and the corresponding discounted student pricing, funded in part by the Student Technology Fee.


Service  Cost (Student Pricing)
Consultation FREE
Diagnostics $25*
Virus removal  $30
Data backup $60
Operating system reload  $60


*A diagnostic fee may be charged if we determine the cause of your problem, but you choose not to have it repaired.