AWS Campus Invent Recap

Thursday 11/03/2022

In September, Information Technology Services partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host a one-day conference, AWS Campus Invent. AWS Campus Invent is an educational event that brings the experience of an AWS conference to various university campuses. Open to the whole Florida State University campus, the AWS team, comprised of higher education industry leaders and solutions architects, discussed with faculty, staff and students how cloud computing can assist them in their learning needs and priorities.  

“We will engage in conversation to understand their vision [AWS] and why FSU is unique and what we can do to help them learn more about how universities work. In a data-driven cloud-based environment, partnerships like the one we have with AWS are important, and those conversations need to be ongoing and continuous,” stated Bobby Sprinkle, FSU Information Technology Services chief technology officer. 

The conference was split into two sections; the first half of the day was spent in chalk talks where the Florida State University community and the team members from AWS engaged in conversation on how AWS tools can be used in higher education.

The nine topics covered were:

  • Establishing a cloud center of excellence
  • Builder tools: CI/CD and observability on AWS
  • Using data to improve education outcomes
  • Introduction to AWS cost management
  • Application modernization: monolith to microservices with containers
  • Supporting the research life cycle
  • AWS cost management
  • Integrating artificial intelligence into applications
  • Building secure and compliant research environments with end-user computing. 

 During the second half of the day, attendees got hands-on experience through builder sessions focusing on cloud computing, building a virtual research lab with end-user computing, builder tools for CI/CD and machine learning with Amazon SageMaker.  

An event full of technology, innovation and collaboration, AWS Campus Invent was beneficial to all in attendance. Thank you to all who attended. We look forward to future events and partnership opportunities with AWS. 

Looking for more AWS learning resources? Visit the AWS website for tech talks, trainings and more.