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HDSI | Information Technology Services

Working together to expand big data resources.

The Health Data Sciences Initiative is a multidisciplinary and multi-college strategic approach to ensure health research is an institutional priority. Through investments in cyberinfrastructure and research data resources, the HDSI continues to expand health research capabilities.

How did it start?

In 2018, university leadership saw the evolving need to develop the university's strategy to establish and develop big data expertise and capacity in the biological, social and health sciences. An appointed task force explored strategies that could lead to external funding in these domains through the development of infrastructure. As a result, a centralized HDSI was formed to address health-related big data needs across campus.

Why is this important?

Through the HDSI, FSU is transforming the future of wellness. As patients visit healthcare providers, data is being collected at each appointment. By combining the patient’s data with the larger collection of de-identified data, researchers can bridge the gap and predict a more complete picture of the patient’s health. FSU is in a unique position to focus on populations that are often underserved and provide cutting edge healthcare through health research.

Project Timeline

Fall 2021

Proof of concept

Summer 2022

Research data repository and secure virtual desktop

Summer 2023

Intelligent archive and collaboration management



HDSI Website

Visit the HDSI website to learn more and meet the project research partners

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HDSI Steering Committee

Meet the team behind the massive, cross-collaborative project

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If you have questions or need assistance with HDSI, please contact the HDSI team at april.lovett@fsu.edu.