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Information Technology Services is pleased to announce that Ruston Keeton is the winner of the myFSU activation drawing. Keeton, a graduate student, will receive a brand new Xbox 360 gaming system courtesy of Microsoft's Live@edu.

To activate your myFSU account go to:

In a continuing effort to improve internal security, accountability, and access controls within FSU’s student administrative computer applications, ITS implemented a new procedure for managing NWRDC accounts and access to FSUID applications as of July 1, 2011. The old process to request or remove an account at NWRDC required the submission of one or more online forms. Similarly, the FSU identity management applications also required a hard copy form. Now requests for a NWRDC account and requests for FSU identity management applications have been streamlined via eORR, OMNI's electronic online role request process.

Information Technology Services (ITS) recently launched an enhanced email, communication and collaboration services platform for students and alumni, which includes popular features such as a 10GB lifetime email account;  7GB of cloud-based file storage; online PC backup/synchronization utilities; online collaboration tools; online MS Office Web Applications; and mobile access to FSU email and more. The new platform, branded myFSU, is the result of an innovative partnership with Microsoft Live@edu that will provide the University with a lifetime communication link to alumni.

In partnership with FSU Purchasing, Information Technology Services (ITS) strategically negotiated with vendors to receive lower hardware pricing and associated software maintenance fees.

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the FSUSecure wireless network.

If your office isn’t already taking advantage of ITS’ virtual machine and storage services, now is the time to reconsider.

A mobile application, or more commonly known as an “app,” has just been developed with the technical assistance of ITS which offers amazingly convenient access to the latest campus news, maps, dining and retail locations and hours, and much more.