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Your FSUID is your username for access to many Florida State University systems and resources, including myFSU Portal, Blackboard, OMNI, Wi-Fi, computer labs and more. FSUIDs are issued to all student applicants, prospective students, admitted students, faculty and staff. FSU guests and vendors are eligible to receive a guest FSUID account. For more information, see the "FSU Affiliation and Your FSUID" section below.

FSUID Account Management Resources

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FSU Affiliation and Your FSUID

Affiliation Your FSUID
Current Student
  • When an admissions applicant is accepted to FSU, an acceptance email message is sent containing instructions on how to activate a permanent FSUID account.
  • If an admitted applicant has lost their acceptance notification, they can go to the following link to activate their permanent FSUID account.
Applicant &
Prospective Student
  • To apply for admission, you will first need to register for an account. Download the Admissions FSUID Registration Guide. (NOTE: Previous applicants and alumni do not need to re-register.)
  • The email address with which you register will become your temporary guest FSUID username.
  • During the FSUID registration process, you will receive an email message that contains your EMPLID.
Center for Intensive English Studies (CIES) Student
  • CIES students must register for an FSUID. If no record is found for the student upon submitting the form, one is created in Campus Solutions along with the CIES affiliation.
  • Both a student number and EMPLID are generated and sent to the email address submitted at the time of registration.
  • The student must click on the activation link contained in the email to receive a permanent student FSUID and a student email address.
FAMU College of Engineering Student
  • FAMU Engineering students must register with the FAMU College of Engineering offices.
  • The student is added to a database and provided with a student number beginning with 300 and a link to the FSUID registration form for FAMU students.
  • An EMPLID is generated and emailed to the FAMU email address submitted at the time of registration. The student must click on the activation link contained in the email to receive a permanent student FSUID. (NOTE: No student email address is created.)
Faculty & Staff
  • Upon completion of the hiring process, new employees need to activate their FSUID.
  • New employees cannot activate their FSUID prior to their official start date. For information on your start date, please contact either your department HR representative or the FSU Office of Human Resources at 850-644-6034 or hr@admin.fsu.edu.
  • During activation, the employee will be prompted to enter their EMPLID and other identity verification information.
  • Alumni and former students will retain the FSUID assigned to them during their enrollment at FSU.
  • Students who attended FSU prior to 1980 may need to activate their FSUID.
  • Alumni and former students will need an EMPLID to reactivate their FSUID account.
  • Official retired faculty and staff members will retain the FSUID assigned to them during employment.
  • Retirees will be able to use their FSUID to access Blackboard, their employee email account and other FSU systems.
  • FSU provides the following guest access to university services and systems:
    • Sponsored access (contractors, vendors)
    • Delegated access (parents, guardians, third party)
    • Wireless network access (guests)

*It may take up to 24 hours for your FSUID account to be updated in all systems.

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