University Voicemail Upgrade (VoIP and Centrex)

Florida State University’s phone and voicemail system is getting an upgrade. During the upgrade, campus phone services will be intermittently available with many users experiencing a busy tone or their call going straight to voicemail. 

Upgrade Time Frame  

FSU Main Campus | February 26-28, 2021  

FSU Panama City Campus | March 5-7, 2021 

Before the Upgrade 

There is a two-week freeze on phone and voicemail changes leading up to the upgrade. During the freeze, you will not be able to make any major changes to your voicemail box, such as changing your out of office message or adjusting your settings.  

Please clean out your current voicemail box and note any important messages before the upgrade. Tallahassee campus employees have until February 26 at 5PM and Panama City campus employees have until March 5 at 5PM. Existing voicemails will be deleted after the upgrade.

During the Upgrade 

During the upgrade campus phones and voicemails may be intermittently available. Please plan to use other communication methods during the upgrade window.

The FSU Police Department will have extra officers patrolling campus, as the university emergency blue light call boxes across campus also may experience outages. Please dial 911 from your mobile telephone in case of an emergency.

After the Upgrade 

The first time you access your voicemail after the upgrade, you will be prompted to reset the temporary password (provided below) and create a password of your choosing. 

        Temporary Password: 6245 

Voicemail greetings, forwarded numbers and voicemail to email delivery will roll over with the upgrade.

If your phone does not get a dial tone after the switch-over, please contact the ITS Service Desk at

How to Access Voicemail 

Tallahassee VoIP Phones 
  • On campus dial 5-9999 or press the message button on your phone 
  • Off campus dial 645-9999 
Tallahassee Centrex Phones  
  • On campus dial 4-6245  
  • Off campus dial 644-6245 
Panama City Campus  
  • On campus dial 0-2300 or press the message button on your phone 
  • Off campus dial 770-2300 

Upgrade FAQs

Do voicemail messages get deleted?  

Yes, all voicemail messages left in your voicemail box will be deleted and are not recoverable. 

Will the voicemail to email settings still be in place after the upgrade?  

Yes, the voicemail to email programming will be retained. Anyone interested in setting up voicemail to email delivery may submit a request to have the feature set up. This feature will be available again after the upgrade.

Will a password be required after the upgrade?  

Yes, a temporary password (6245) will be required to gain access to your voicemail after the upgrade. You will be prompted to reset your password the first time you access your voicemail after the upgrade.  

What are the requirements for my voicemail password?

Use the FSU voicemail passwords constraints FAQ to learn about setting a unique password. 

Will I get voicemails over the VoIP outages weekend? 

Intermittently, once all the new VoIP voicemail systems have been put into service. If you have voicemail to email enabled, you intermittently may receive an email with a new voicemail as well. ITS suggests you plan on not receiving voicemails during the outage period 

Will call forwarding on my FSU phone still work during the upgrade periods? 


How do I know what type of phone I have? 

To determine which type of university phone you have, check the university phones FAQ

Where do I learn more about the university voicemail system?

To learn more, check out our university voicemail FAQs

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