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Authentication and Access Management

Authentication and Access Management

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Need to connect an application to the FSU network? Authentication and identity management controls access between FSU servers and databases and third-party applications. Access can be set up for external applications or for internal applications that need to communicate with each other. ITS opens traffic on a specific range of ports and limits the IP addresses that can access specific FSU resources. This allows data to pass back and forth between FSU servers and third-party apps, but ensures only the users and applications that need to access FSU systems can get through. Identity management is a secure way for applications to communicate with the FSU network.



supports connections between third-party applications and FSU network

Internal and External

access control lists (ACLs) and firewalls provide security for internal and external users and applications

Secure Communications

securely transmit information between FSU and third-party apps

Limited Access

make access as narrow as needed by restricting ports



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