Wireless Troubleshooting Tips

While every effort has been made to enable mobile devices to access the university's Wi-Fi, not all mobile devices are compatible, and some may require a special configuration. Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot common problems with campus Wi-Fi:

  1. Make sure you have chosen to connect to one of the following networks:
    • FSUSecure - FSU students, faculty and staff
    • FSUGuest - FSU guests
    • eduroam - non-FSU students, faculty and staff visiting from other eduroam campuses
  2. Wait a few seconds for the signal on your device to improve before you try accessing anything.
  3. Set the device's power saver settings to "Maximum Performance" not "Maximum Battery." NOTE: Changing this setting can have a significant impact on battery life.
  4. FSUGuest only - If you are not automatically directed to the Wi-Fi login page, open a Web browser and go to wireless.fsu.edu.
  5. FSUGuest only - Stay active, or the wireless system may drop your connection if you are inactive for 10 or more minutes.

For specific setup instructions and information on how to obtain additional help, please go to the Support section of the FSU Campus Wi-Fi page.

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