• Internet/Network

    Secure access to university on- and off-campus internet services and virtual private network

Internet / Network

FSU departments can request a special security profile, also known as a Virtual Private network (VPN), be created for their users to limit access to campus resources. Access to this departmental VPN must be approved by the owner of that specific profile.

When the need arises, ITS is partnered with various telecommunications providers to provide off campus high speed internet and equipment (DSL, cable, data circuits, etc.) services for FSU Departmental use.

The University provides Internet access for all University affiliates on-campus, including wired high-speed Ethernet, dormitory network access (ResNet), campus-wide wireless, and educational connections on Florida Lambda Rail (FLR) and National Lambda Rail (NLR). 

The university’s virtual private network (VPN) is designed to allow individuals to securely "tunnel" into campus over personal and public networks, such as a home Wi-Fi network, and access services as if they were on campus.