VIA Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client

UPDATE: The Aruba VIA VPN will be decommissioned in Fall 2020. Find Out More 

The FSU VIA VPN is an additional solution that can accommodate a large number of connections. Like the standard FSU VPN, this service is designed to allow users to securely "tunnel" into campus over commodity networks, such as the internet, and access services as if they were on campus.

A VPN connection is necessary for several tasks, including system administration and application support, softphones and accessing shared department drives and other departmental resources not available on the internet. 

To connect to FSU VIA VPN, a user must not be on an FSU wired or wireless network, nor connected to Cisco Anyconnect VPN. If a user attempts to authenticate to VIA when they already have an address on the FSU network, they will be rejected.

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Departments
  • Provides encrypted connection to FSU on-campus systems and departmental networks
  • Allows for remote access to secure computers and/or services as if on campus 
  • FSUID and password (Faculty, Staff, Courtesy Appointments)
  • Sponsored Guest FSUID and password (External Vendors)

There is no charge for this service.

If you are on a personal device or have administrative rights, use the following guides to install the VIA client:

If you are using a Windows or Mac device supported by FSU ITS, you can install the client on Windows PCs via the Software Center by following the instructions below:

There is no additional information available at this time.


Submit a support request with the following information:

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Network Support
  • Detail: Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Provide the following information:
    • Profile name of the user and/or department profile name.
    • IP address of the user's computer prior to accessing the VPN
      • ipconfig /all on windows
      • ifconfig -a on Linux
    • Provide the IP address of the user after they signed into the VPN
      • ipconfig /all or ifconfig -a
      • Netstat -nr
    • Provide the user's FSUID and contact information
    • Provide IP address of the FSU resource the user is trying to connect to.