Windows 8

Wireless configuration for Windows 8

This document explains how to manually set up your Windows 8 device to use 'FSUSecure' authenticated wireless network.

NOTE: If you have already set up FSUSecure and are having difficulties logging in follow these steps to remove your FSUSecure network and then follow the steps below to set it back up.

1. From the Start screen, hover your mouse cursor over the upper-right corner to open the Charms Bar

FSU Secure step 1






2. Click Settings within the Charms Bar

FSU Secure step 2




3. Click the Wireless icon

FSU Secure step 3






4. Click FSUSecure Wireless and then click the Connect button.

  • Be sure the 'Connect Automatically' checkbox is checked so your device reconnects to the network in the future. If you do not see any networks available, be sure that Airplane Mode is turned off. Also, make sure you are in an area on campus where Wi-Fi is available.







FSU Secure step 4.2






5. The device will now prompt you to enter your credentials. Enter your FSU username and password to authenticate (Students enter - Faculty/Staff enter Click OK

FSU Secure step 5






6. Click 'Connect' to accept the authentication certificate

FSU Secure step 6






7. You should now be connected to the FSUScure Wireless network. Open your browser to access the web.

FSU Secure step 1






8. Verify settings. To ensure that you are connecting to FSU hold your finger on the word FSUSecure (see image above) for several seconds and let go. A window should pop up with options of:

  • Hide estimated data usage
  • Set as metered connection
  • Forget this network
  • View connection properties

Select "view connection properties"

9. Under the Connection tab (make sure Connect automatically when the network is in range is checked). Next click the Security tab.

FSU Secure step 9






10. Confirm Security type: WPA2-Enterprise and Encryption type:AES. Next, click the button Settings

FSU Secure step 10









11. Check Validate server certificate

  • Check Connect to these servers:, insert in the text box
  • Under Trusted Root Certification Authorities, Check the following
    • AddTrust External CA Root
    • COMODO ECC Certification Authority (if available)
    • COMODO ECC Organization Validation Secure Server CA (if available)
  • Under Select Authentication Method, check Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)


12. Click Configure button

13. Uncheck the box that says, Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)

FSU Secure step 13





14. Click OK, then OK to return to the FSUSecure Wireless Properties and Click OK to exit out of rest of screens. You should now be configured properly for FSUSecure wireless network.

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