Version: Android 4.0

  1. Navigate to Settings
    FSUSecure 1
  2. Under Wireless & networks confirm that Wi-Fi is set to On, if it is not tap Off once to enable Wi-Fi.
    FSUSecure 2
  3. FSUSecure will appear in the list of available networks if you are in range, select FSUSecure
    FSUSecure 3
  4. Set EAP method to PEAP
    FSUSecure 4
  5. In the Identity field enter the following, based on your affiliation (you may have to scroll down to see the Identity field):
    • Students enter your email address
    • Faculty/Staff enter just your FSUID
  6. Enter your FSUID password in the Password field
    FSUSecure 5
  7. Tap Connect
  8. Setup is complete, and you should now connect to the FSUSecure network
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