Database Hosting - Oracle Server


Applications that require an enterprise level database can utilize ITS' Oracle implementation to host databases. Hosting components include account management, storage space, and backup/restore (limited to 10 days for schema restores) to enable departments to develop and maintain their own Oracle databases.

  • The Oracle Database is a robust relational database management system full of options and features to fully leverage your applications. It is ideal for large enterprise class databases with a large or medium number of concurrent users.
  • Oracle offers the PL/SQL procedural language extension to SQL. PL/SQL is a feature-rich language geared toward developing database applications and basic reports.
  • Easy interfaces into Oracle include SQL*Plus and SQL Developer. Both require an Oracle client installed on the users work station.
  • FSU currently runs Oracle version on both AIX and the Sun Solaris operating system.
  • Our installation of Oracle utilizes Oracle's Data Guard technology to archive any data changes in real time to our offsite disaster recovery site to insure that you data is available within a moment's notice in the case of a disaster.
  • Our in-house experts will make sure that your database operates at peak efficiency.
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