Adobe Creative Cloud

Feeling artsy? Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the tools to design amazing work and eye-catching creations. Access all of Adobe’s desktop apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and more. With Creative Cloud, you’ll have the latest and greatest creative apps for photography, design, web and video at your fingertips. So go ahead. Make a poster, a video, a presentation, a report—anything you can imagine. You’ve got the tools.

  • Cutting-edge creativity | access 20+ premier creative apps
  • Seamless collaboration | share files with colleagues and stay on top of changes with version control
  • Cloud services | take advantage of Adobe's free online portfolios, font database and cloud storage
  • Automatic updates | get the latest updates, features and services as soon as they’re released

Full List of Adobe Apps

Current FSU faculty, staff and departments

Faculty/Staff: To access Adobe Creative Cloud on your FSU computer you must first create an Adobe Enterprise ID.
Create Adobe Enterprise ID

Student: To access Adobe Creative Cloud on Shared Device Licensed computers in labs and classrooms, you will need an Adobe ID, or a Facebook or Google account. You can create a free Adobe ID through

Single User Installation
Work with your department’s IT support to have Creative Cloud installed on your FSU-owned computer.
Install Creative Cloud Desktop Apps

Shared Device License
Need to install Adobe Creative Cloud in a computer lab or on a shared computer? You’ll need a device license, which allows multiple users to access Creative Cloud. Department IT administrators can request a Creative Cloud device license by submitting a support request with the following information:

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Software Licensing
  • Detail: (Blank)
  • Summary: Request access to Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Include the name and FSU email address (in the format) of the IT representative who will be installing Adobe Creative Cloud

Sign In
Faculty/Staff: After Adobe Creative Cloud has been installed on your FSU computer, follow these instructions to sign in.
Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps

Students: After you have obtained an Adobe ID, Facebook account, or Google account go to our Adobe Creative Cloud page to find instructions on signing in. 


Lots of online training resources exist to help you master Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Follow the links below to access everything from short informational videos to full online courses.

Personal Creative Cloud Subscription

As an FSU employee you can also use Adobe Creative Cloud at home. Please use your Adobe Enterprise ID to sign into to download and install the software. You will need to sign in to the Adobe Creative Cloud apps using your Adobe Enterprise ID. At home use will count against the 2 installation limit per user.


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