Endpoint Backup

Chances are, you have lots of important files stored on your computer: email, research papers, financial documents, photos, and more. Although ITS may be able to protect some files and access some backups, there is a lot of data on computers that may not be included.  If your computer crashed today, what would you lose?

Everyday use devices center around your personal and work activities. Problems are inevitable and can sometimes be fixed without further issue, but it's possible that a crash or malware may cause you to lose some or all of your data. Backups can be used to restore your files if they're properly performed and maintained. Regular data backups reduce the risk of permanent data loss that can occur for many reasons including hardware failure, power failure, and virus attacks.

In continuing its commitment to protect mission critical data, ITS has partnered with DRUVA to provide a secure data backup solution for everyday use devices and a simple and worry-free way to protect important files. It's never been easier to keep your data safe.

  • Departments 
  • Faculty 
  • Staff
  • Cloud-based - recover your data from anywhere on any device
  • Automatic backups - backups run regularly, without any interruption to the user
  • Multiple devices - set up backups to run on up to three different computers per account
  • Unlimited storage - back up all files, including large audio and video files

No additional requirements

Device backup is available for $3.15 per month or $37.80 per year. 

To request a license for a university computer, please work with your department IT or budget manager.

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  • Details of Request: User Full Name, User FSUID and the User email address is also required

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