• Support for computers, printers and mobile devices

Employee Desktop Support

Stop cyberattacks before they happen with the ITS computer protection and threat response service. This robust defense suite protects FSU-owned desktops and laptops against malware, ransomware and cryptoware and delivers the most advanced endpoint protection available.

Take the maintenance of departmental technologies off your plate. Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Device Backup provides ongoing support for all users with ITS-managed devices.

Whether fixing a server across the ocean or a laptop across town, remote assistance allows technicians to troubleshoot computers and mobile devices by accessing them remotely—from anywhere.

Leave the responsibility of technology maintenance to the experts. ITS provides ongoing support for all users within partner departments.

Stop worrying about constant system and application updates. Software services ensures all systems and applications on ITS-managed devices are properly installed and maintained.

Patching doesn't have to be a full-time job. FSU's patch management service makes patching easier, more efficient and more secure. This centralized, automated service ensures both vendor-supplied and third-party security updates are installed quickly and reliably.