Web Site Hosting – University

Departmental web sites can be managed through the use of Florida State University's web content management system (WCMS) or alternatively the WebDAV protocol. 

WCMS - For more information on WCMS which includes training, web style guidelines, requesting a WCMS website and a full list of FSU sites using WCMS, visit our Service Catalog Entry.

WebDAV - These WebDAV websites are hosted on a Unix server using Apache web server. They allow for static HTML pages, server side includes (SSI) SHTML pages and CGI/Perl code. They do not have support for PHP or ASP and do not include databases (MySQL). Departmental websites hosted in this fashion typically have a URL of the form departmentname.fsu.edu. For information on requesting a new departmental web site, accessing a site using WebDAV or migrating a site, please visit the Web Site Hosting FAQ.

If your student organization needs a website, websites for student organizations can be obtained via Nole Central.