Web Site Hosting – University

ITS hosts the main university web site, www.fsu.edu, as well as some departmental web sites on the www.fsu.edu server. Departmental websites hosted in this fashion typically have a URL of the form departmentname.fsu.edu. These websites are hosted on a Unix server using Apache web server. They allow for static HTML pages, server side includes (SSI) SHTML pages and CGI/Perl code. They do not have support for PHP or ASP and do not include databases (MySQL).

Departmental web sites can be managed through the use of Florida State University's web content management system (WCMS) or alternatively the WebDAV protocol.

For more information on WCMS which includes training, web style guidelines, and a full list of FSU sites using WCMS, visit our Service Catalog Entry.

For information on requesting a new departmental web site, accessing a site using WebDAV or migrating a site from SFTP, please visit the Web Site Hosting FAQ.