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Florida State University has launched a new web content management system (WCMS). During 2016, all FSU eZ Publish websites were transitioned to Drupal 8. To help with the transition, Information Technology Services (ITS) partnered with Acquia, a leading Drupal platform provider, to support the university’s WCMS during and after the transition. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our email lists here.

Read on to find out more information about the transition and our next steps.



October 06, 2020

We've been working on quite a few new Drupal features over this past year that we want to share with you.

Webforms have been updated, so making a form is easier and has more features.

FSUID authenticated pages are now available. If you have a page that you want hidden and have users login with their FSUID to view, we can help with that.

Another new feature is Dynamic Entity References. You can use a field from one content type and bring them into another content type.  For instance, if you have a form that you want a drop down of, say, authors, you can use a drop down that is dynamically populated with the person content type, field of name.

Another new feature added to the ITS Drupal site, you can now pull in CAS attributes to your site. The attributes are limited, but if you require login to a page, you can fill in the name, email and a few other fields automatically for the user. We can also set up your site to check the affiliation of a visitor that logged in, and assign them a role in Drupal.

So, to sum it up, your new Webform can require an FSUID login, fill in fields from CAS and also pull in fields from other content types using a drop down.


January 29, 2020

Updates to the newest version of Acquia Lift, content personalization platform for Drupal 8, are now completed.

Just put in a case with the ITS Service Desk and we will help you get started.

" Acquia Lift, the only personalization tool optimized for Drupal, is now available as a no-code application to help marketers quickly and easily optimize customer experiences. With the new version, anyone – regardless of technical acumen – can point, click and personalize content. Acquia Lift’s new unified user interface lets marketers execute profile management, segmentation and personalization activities in a single place and launch them across a network of websites. "  - Learn more

Here's a video to give you some insight into how this platform can help your marketing team.


January 24, 2020

Website Accessibility Improvements

ITS Web Services is working closely with University Communications on the Drupal templates to make them more accessible and help webmasters improve accessibility scores. After all, it's all about the scores, and we love to see them move from yellow to green!

Along with that, there are new features coming from Siteimprove! The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is standardizing website checkers, like Siteimprove, which could improve scores. The change Web Services is most excited about is that there will be a differentiation between template accessibility issues (header, footer and metadata) and content issues in the reports. This will allow us to see more easily where the template issues are and better identify fixes to improve website accessibility scores. Web Services will also have the ability to set up reports and schedule them.

Happy Publishing!

December 20, 2019


We have resigned our contract with Bitly for the university's URL shortening service. Any fsu.edu URL can be shortened to fla.st/ URL by using Bitly.

To shorten a URL, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to bitly.com
  2. Paste your fsu.edu URL in the box and click Shorten
  3. Copy and paste your fla.st URL and use it everywhere!

For a custom URL, submit a support request with the following information:

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Web Services
  • Detail: URL Shortening

 Bitly image

Bitly image

December 20, 2019

Drupal Webforms

Web Services has added Webforms to all Drupal sites. There are numerous features, you can see them here:

Brief list of features:
-  The outputted forms and even the Webform module's administrative interface (i.e. form builder) are accessible using keyboard navigation and screen readers. The Webform module complies with WCAG 2.0 and ATAG 2.0 guidelines.

  • Drag-n-drop fields
  • Multi-column layout in forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Field duplication
  • Basic HTML: Textfield, Textareas, Checkboxes, Radios, Select menu, Password, and more...
  • Advanced HTML5: Email, Url, Number, Telephone, Date, Number, Range, and more...
  • Widgets: Likert scale, Star rating, Buttons, Geolocation, Terms of service, Select/Checkboxes/Radios with other, and more...
  • Results Management - Results management features include:
  • Submission flagging, locking, and notes
  • Viewing submissions as HTML, plain text, and YAML
  • Customizable reports
  • Downloading results as a CSV to MS Excel, etc.
  • Drupal Views integration for advanced reporting and styling

The College of Business is using Webforms for their opportunities boards. See them in action below.

Form populated by businesses:

College of Business image

Output for students - after logging in with FSUID:

College of Business image

November 20, 2019

Content Personalization Using Acquia Lift

If you are currently a content owner for an FSU Drupal 8 website, please consider using content personalization for your website. If interested, please fill out the form below and attach it to a Service Desk case requesting Lift be implemented on your website. Once we receive the case, someone from University Communications will contact you to review your form and start the process.

Aquia Lift Personalization Development Form

October 30, 2019

Information Technology Services shows off our new building in an open house.  Each area was tasked with a poster design to highlight their unit. 

Here's is what Web Services produced.
Web Services info graphic

September 19, 2019

To FSU Drupal WCMS owners:
Acquia, our Drupal hosting company, is requiring all sites to be upgraded to a new PHP version on October 1. While testing the upgrade of our PHP version from 7.1 to 7.2 we noticed some issues with YAML forms and feel that this would be an opportune time to migrate to our new Webform module since Drupal no longer supports the YAML Form module.
Next week (9/23/19 – 9/27/19) ITS Web Services will be contacting Webmasters who currently use YAML forms to facilitate the migration of their forms. We will be going from site to site to be sure each form is migrated and will supply resources to train users on how to use their new forms.

August 28, 2019

Quick update on some changes coming for Localist…

Having an issue for myself and other users here, where "College of Music" is the only department that comes up when you post an event.

Short Answer:
There is a Department AND a Department Filter... you want the Department Filter

Long Answer:
College of Music is the pilot for new functionality on the Localist Calendar.  We are in the process of moving calendars from Department Filters to Department (Landing Pages).  You will be notified soon with instructions when we are ready to move your unit’s filters. Eventually, the Department Filters will be retired and only Department will be left. We have a bit more planning before the move, and appreciate your patience.

July 29, 2019
Information Technology Services (ITS) is announcing a webinar for Siteimprove.

Siteimprove's cloud-based optimization platform automates the process of identifying issues on websites. Siteimprove will help you stay in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 for compliance levels A, AA, and AAA. Siteimprove also checks and reports on broken links, misspellings, search engine optimization (SEO), provides Analytics, and a custom Policy engine (site search) to help with the overall management of your digital presence. 

In this session we will highlight how to utilize the features of Siteimprove available to users at Florida State University. 


June 6, 2019
Are you enjoying the slow summer? Getting ready for Fall?
One way to prepare is to get your announcements in the weekly email. For information on how you can reach Florida State students, faculty and staff, check out this service.

May 25, 2019
ITS Web Services is preparing for some new Core updates and Module updates to core modules. Downtime is not expected, we just want you to know we are working hard and keeping your Drupal system up-to-date!

March 26, 2019
Your Drupal team (AKA Web Services) is hard at work with University Communications to bring you an update on our Lift project. Acquia Lift is a new marketing tool added to our Drupal platform to allow content personalization of websites.  Please feel free to contact Web Services (its-webservices@fsu.edu)  to learn more about this project.

February 25, 2019
Information Technology Services (ITS) Web Services has completed our Drupal Core updates. A maintenance project that was several months in the making including planning, testing and implementation. 

December 6, 2018
Information Technology Services (ITS) is announcing a webinar for Siteimprove.

Siteimprove's cloud-based optimization platform automates the process of identifying issues on websites. Siteimprove will help you stay in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 for compliance levels A, AA, and AAA. Siteimprove also checks and reports on broken links, misspellings, search engine optimization (SEO), provides Analytics, and a custom Policy engine (site search) to help with the overall management of your digital presence. 

In this session we will highlight how to utilize the features of Siteimprove available to users at Florida State University. 



October 24, 2018
Information Technology Services (ITS) is launching Siteimprove, a new tool to help FSU webmasters improve content and drive more traffic to university websites.

The Siteimprove dashboard presents easy-to-interpret reports with recommendations to improve site accessibility, accuracy and SEO. Each report highlights exactly what code needs to be fixed or updated, scouring your pages for inclusiveness, broken links, spelling errors and more.

The Siteimprove plugin integrates with the university’s WCMS, linking you directly to your website in the Drupal editor for easy editing. Don’t have an ITS Drupal website? No worries. You can still run reports and use the recommendations to improve your site.

To gain access to this new tool, please login and then submit a support request to ITS Web Services for full access.

More information on Siteimprove.


October 5, 2018
Getting closer to announcing the core updates to live in Drupal WCMS as we continue our testing of selected sites. Updated information will go out in an email when we have more information. Tentative date is late October or early November.

*Update - Tentative date is December.

September 18, 2018

Calendar Event Visibility. An event admin can change the visibility of an event to "unlisted" which will remove the event from the pending queue. However, the event admin will have to remember to change the event back to "public" when ready to be displayed on the calendar.


September 14, 2018

A recent marking study ranked FSU #18 among the top 50 universities in the United States (based on undergraduate enrollment size as determined by Niche.com’s 2017 research). A 100-point scoring system was used in the analysis of each school to explore the effects of both quantitative and qualitative factors. The university home page as well and other sites were evaluated. Through the use of our web content management service and the templates we provide, over 100 university websites are hosted by ITS. Our templates were developed by ITS Web Services and University Communications. Thousands of visitors hit the sites daily and see content that is presented and organized in friendly, complete, accurate, and unambiguous easy-to-find manner. It’s nice to see our work is recognized by marketing professionals and ranked among the top in the country. Our ranking is higher than all other Florida universities, public and private.

- Ken Johnson, Senior Director, FSU Information Technology Services

September 6, 2018
Are you ready to spread the word?  Check out the new Announcements email and website!

August 1, 2018
Need to post a recurring event in the FSU Events Calendar?  Get some help putting them in using the repeating option.

July 5, 2018
Getting ready to start our core updates to the Drupal system.  Stay tuned to your emails going out in the fall for updates.

June 1, 2018
Need a reason to use FSU's WCMS, Drupal?  Here's 10 of them

May 18, 2018
We are nearly done with the project to make all FSU Drupal sites https, and will soon start work on core and module updates.

When going to an FSU Drupal site, you will be redirected to https and should see the green

Secure icon.png… on each page next to your URL in the browser bar in Chrome.

Please check all your sites to see they have this in the browser bar. If you do not see this, and see something like thisnot secure icon.png

... please check the elements on the page to see that they are secure.  

How do you check the page? For more information, please see:


November 22, 2017
Web Services is finishing the first round of Drupal bug fixes. We’ve also recently added some features based on FSU branding, including:

  • More color theme options
  • Full width areas
  • Custom blocks
  • Image galleries
  • New slider options
  • Feed styles for news and people content types

And don't miss the Content Personalization Demo next week to learn more about customizing website content based on visitors and their past interactions with your site. All are welcome to learn more about this technology and how it can create a better user experience for both Drupal and non-Drupal sites. The session will take place on November 30 at 9AM in the FSU Turnbull Conference Center. Contact Debbie Kelly at kelly@fsu.edu for more information.

April 1, 2017
After much new editor training and combing through webpages to help content owners clean them up, the FSU Drupal migration is completed and the eZ Publish server has been retired!


Drupal has a large support community and lots of online resources to help you learn your way around. For starters, we’ve created a few FSU-specific videos to get you up and running. Watch videos


Help is available before, during and after the transition. Submit a support request or contact ITS Web Services at its-webservices@fsu.edu.

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