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Once you have uploaded all your content and everything looks good to go, Web Services will help you publish your website. Please allow up to five business days for your site to be live.

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  • Detail: Department website support

Content Owners' Responsibilities

  • Look at the previous site's URL and determine which links need to be forwarded. You will also need to be sure that virtual links refer to pages within the site, not hard coded links which include "acsitefactory" in the URL.
  • Departments can think about the old pages that folks may have bookmarked and the new pages they should go/point/link to, then the ITS Web Team can show the department contact how to create a URL alias for those links so they won't be broken.
  • Run site through html validator at:
  • Run site through accessibility validator at:

Creating a .pdf to .pdf Alias:

  1. Go to the "Setup/URL Translator" section of the admin interface (not the same as creating an alias to a page).
  2. In the "Create New Alias" section, enter the new URL alias by entering the old URL that you want to be redirected. It should include the path prefix (e.g., would be entered as /Controllers-Office/spring2008.pdf).
  3. In the Destination, enter the copied and pasted url of the download link for the PDF (will look like /content/download/XXXX/XXX)
  4. Leave Redirect checked.
  5. Click "Create."

Google Analytics

  1. Get a Departmental Gmail Account
    You will be able to track your website using Google Analytics (GA) provided you have a Departmental Gmail Account with access to in GA. If you do not have a Gmail account, please set one up (example:
  2. Create a ticket
    For access to GA, please visit the Service Center website and open a case, or you may send an email. Please include your Department's Gmail address (not a personal account) and request that it be added to the Google Analytics user list.
  3. Customize Google Analytics
    Once you have access, you may customize Google Analytics however you wish. You may also request a "View" for your website. Please note only a limited number of Views can be configured - consequently these will be reserved for sites with high traffic.

    Here's a LinkedIn Learning link (Sign In Required):

Going Live:

  1. If your site is live, and you don't see the new design, please flush your DNS locally ( Mac | Windows )
    Windows: ipconfig /flushdns


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