Content Personalization

The only personalization tool optimized for Drupal is now available as a no-code application to help marketers quickly and easily optimize customer experiences. With the new version, anyone – regardless of technical acumen – can point, click and personalize content. Acquia Lift’s new unified user interface lets marketers execute profile management, segmentation, and personalization activities in a single place and launch them across a network of websites.

Florida State University uses Drupal, an open-source WCMS, which is hosted and supported on the Acquia Platform.

Departments using the ITS Drupal platform.

Personalize website content based on user activities to help them find what they need more quickly.

Help with campaigns by University Communications staff.

Websites using the ITS Drupal platform. The site must be owned and managed by an FSU unit.

There is no charge for this service.

Submit a support request with the following information:  

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Web Services
  • Detail: Web CMS Request
  • Details: Include the website URL and fill out the form for your Lift campaign

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Acquia Personalization​ ​Development​ ​Worksheet

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Baby Steps - Crawl, Walk, Run

Customers can “crawl” by collecting data and building visitor profiles, “walk” by delivering personalized website content, and “run” with custom hyper-targeted omnichannel, personalized experiences.

Learn some basics

There are 3 areas of Acquia Lift Content Personalization platform.

    1. Lift Profile Manager  - Login

    2. Experience Builder - More Information

    3. Content Hub - More information


Submit a support request with the following information:

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Web Services
  • Detail:  Web CMS Request