URL Shortening Service (URLSS)

fl.st is a free URL shortening service for Florida State University. Any official Florida State University fsu.edu Web page - such as its.fsu.edu or cob.fsu.edu -  can be shortened using a guideline to a fla.st/<nnn-name> URL or link.

The fla.st URL shortening service, powered by Bitly, provides branding for links. Use it to gain credibility using branded URL.


  • Student
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Department
  • FSU branding for fsu.edu links
  • Easy to share shortened fsu.edu URLs

Keyword URLs will be made by ITS Web Services and University Communications using the guidelines below:

  • Many requests will follow the standard of fla.st/dept-keyword to allow them to adhere to guidelines above.
  • Is intuitive and accurately describes a unit's affiliation with Florida State
  • Reflects the nature or purpose of the website
  • Is short and memorable
  • Does not cause confusion with the name of another university unit or service
  • Is not generic to the entire university (e.g. fla.st/Halloween)
  • Is approved by the requisition unit's dean or director

There is no charge for this service.

To shorten a URL just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to https://bitly.com/
  2. Paste your fsu.edu URL in the box and click Shorten
  3. Copy and paste your fla.st URL and use it everywhere!

For a custom URL following the guidelines above, Submit a support request with the following information:

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Web Services
  • Detail: URL Shortening

Keyword URL

A keyword URL is a custom fla,st URL (e.g. fla.st/ugs-ASK) that can be easily remembered and recognized for a department. Keyword URLs within a department should have the dept-keyword pattern.

For questions, assistance, or to request a shortened keyword URL, please include dept-keyword using guidelines above.

Submit a support request

  • Category: IT Services
  • Specialty Type: Web Services
  • Detail: URL Shortening