URL Shortening Service (URLSS)

fla.st is a free URL shortening service for Florida State University. Any official Florida State University fsu.edu Web page – such as its.fsu.edu or cob.fsu.edu – can be shortened to a fla.st/<randomcharacters> URL, or link.

To shorten a URL just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to https://bitly.com/
  2. Paste your URL in the box and click Shorten
  3. Copy and paste your fla.st URL and use it everywhere!

Shortened URLs are useful in places where you have limited space for text, such as publications, emails and social media.

The fla.st URL shortening service, powered by Bitly, provides branding for links. Use it to retain a connection to Florida State University.

Keyword URL

A keyword URL is a custom fla.st URL (e.g. http://fla.st/career) that can be easily remembered and recognized for a department. Keyword URLs within a department should have the dept-keyword pattern. Keyword URLs should be used sparingly as they can only be used once.

Requests for keyword URLs should be directed to ITS Web Services. Final approval of all keyword URLs will be made by ITS Web Services and University Communications using the guidelines below:

  • Many requests will follow the standard of fla.st/dept-keyword to allow them to adhere to guidelines above
  • Is intuitive and accurately describes a unit’s affiliation with Florida State
  • Reflects the nature or purpose of the website
  • Is short and memorable
  • Does not cause confusion with the name of another university unit or service
  • Is not generic to the entire university (e.g. fla.st/Halloween)
  • Is approved by the requesting unit’s dean or director

For questions, assistance or to request a shortened keyword URL, please submit a support request and choose:

IT Services>Web Services>URL Shortening