Online Application Forms

FluidReview, Florida State University's online application development and management system, is available at no cost to all university departments. With FluidReview, you can create and manage scholarship, grant or admission applications from beginning to end without the need for other forms of tracking or communication.

  • Create complex application forms with an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Complete entire application process from a single site
  • Evaluate and rank applications from an intuitive dashboard

Who can use this service?
FSU departments

Create an Online Application Form
To create an online application form using FluidReview, submit a support request with the following information via the FSU Service Center.

  • Category: IT Support Services
  • Specialty Type: Web Services
  • Detail: Request a FluidReview Site

Include the following information in the details field:

  • Department name
  • Domain name (All applications will have their own website and URL in the following format:
  • Site administrator name, FSU email address and phone number
  • Brief description and purpose of application form

FluidReview offers robust training videos and guides.
FluidReview Help

Recordings of an FSU training session are also available.
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Part 2
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Part 4

How to Enable FSUID Logins on FluidReview Sites