Office 365 Known Issues

You may experience one of the issues below. If you need additional assistance or experience an issue that is not listed, submit a support request or contact ITS at 850-644-HELP.

Skype for Business

Unable to join a meeting on iOS 10
Skype meetings cannot be joined from outside the Skype for Business or Lync 2010/2013 apps on iOS 10. Refer to this article for more information and a workaround. 


Unable to open email
Check your client settings to ensure they match the following:

Server or Incoming Server:
Domain: (leave blank)
Username/Email address:

If you are unable to change the settings, remove and re-add your email account to your computer or mobile device using these instructions.

Outlook keeps asking for credentials
You may see a pop-up dialog box that asks you to re-enter your credentials for Outlook or Skype for Business. After you enter your credentials, make sure you check the "Remember my credentials" box.

Unable to update distribution list
Due to technical limitations, some distribution list owners may no longer be able to update their list. Going forward, to add or remove members from your distribution list, submit a support request.

FSU theme not appearing in Outlook Web App (OWA)
Occasionally after logging in to the Web version of Outlook your theme will be blue/black instead of the default FSU theme or the theme you selected. This does not impact functionality, but can be resolved by either refreshing the page or signing out/back in.

Login page cut off in iOS
Some iOS devices do not properly display the FSU Office 365 login page when trying to sign in to Microsoft Office apps such as Word or Outlook. This is a visual bug and should not impact your ability to sign in.

Replying to emails from Outlook Web App (OWA)
Please be aware when replying to an email from OWA the default reply setting is set to "Reply All".  To just reply to the sender, you can select reply from the drop down menu to the right.

Unable to access public folders in Outlook
Some users have experienced an inability to access public folders in Outlook after being upgraded to Office 365. If you are using Outlook 2010 or later and are unable to access public folders after being upgraded submit a support request.

Not receiving new emails in Thunderbird
After adding your email account in Thunderbird, your entire mailbox will be downloaded. Any email you are sent during this time will not be downloaded until after your mailbox download has finished, which could take several hours if you have a large number of items. To ensure you do not have miss any emails after configuring your email account with Thunderbird, use OWA to access your email. 

Some users can no longer access generic mailboxes
Prior to the Office 365 upgrade, students or other users may have been able to access a department or organization's generic mailbox using an unsupported method. Once a generic mailbox has been migrated to Office 365 each user MUST possess an employee email address to access the mailbox. There are no workarounds or exceptions to this.

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