Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a team workspace in Office 365. It brings together several Microsoft apps in one location so your team has easy access to all the tools they need to work effectively and perform at their peak. Share files, edit documents, take notes, schedule meetings, chat with the group ... Teams organizes everything in one place to create a dedicated hub for teamwork.

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Chat-based workspace that's customizable to your team
  • Built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote, OneDrive for Business and other Office 365 apps
  • Ongoing stream of team, small group and one-on-one conversations
  • Create, edit and share files directly in the app
  • Schedule and join meetings and video conferences
  • Accessible via desktop, web browser or mobile device

Teams is available on Mac, PC and mobile devices.

There is no charge for this service

Self-provisioning of Microsoft Teams is currently disabled.  To request a Microsoft Team, submit a support request with the following information:

  • Category: Faculty/Staff Services
  • Specialty Type: Office 365
  • Detail: Microsoft Teams
  • In the Summary, enter “Requesting a new Microsoft Team” along with the desired team name
  • Provide the following additional information in the case details:
    • The purpose/description of the team
    • The full department name
    • FSU abbreviation (2 to 5 letter department/institute/school/college/center abbreviation to identify ownership and naming of the team)
    • Display name (the display name is combined with the FSU abbreviation to name the team)
    • Owner(s) of the team (2 to 5 persons to be added as owners of the team)
      • Members are added by Owners once the team is created
    • The type of team requested | Anyone Team (default) or Staff Members Team
      • Anyone Team (default)
        • Open collaboration among all members of the Team
        • Can have team owners (add and view all content and make changes to the Team) and team members (add and view all content in the Team)
        • By default, all members of the Team have equal permissions to content. Owners can alter permissions.
      • Staff Members Team
        • Hierarchy based collaboration among staff leaders and staff members in the Team
        • Can have team owners (add and view all content and make changes to the Team) and staff members (view most content and only write permissions in certain areas of the Team)
        • By default, all members of the Team have equal permissions to content, except for Staff Notebook. Owners can alter permissions
        • Staff Notebook provides read only, collaborative and private notebook options for staff leaders to use in the Team. Staff members have write permissions to the Collaboration Space notebook and their individual private notebook.
    • Privacy setting | Private (default) or Public
      • Private: Membership is approved by team owners and teams are not public
      • Public: Teams are searchable and can be joined by any FSU staff member


  1. Go to
  2. Work with your department IT manager to install the correct version


Get the Microsoft Teams app to collaborate on the go.

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  • User/Self provisioning for Microsoft Teams is disabled to help ensure consistent naming standards, to avoid name conflicts, and prevent brand confusion.
  • To use Microsoft Teams without the client, visit and sign in with your FSUID (in the format and password.
  • Microsoft is frequently adding features and improvements to Teams.  To see a chronological listing of these improvements, take a look at What’s new in Microsoft Teams.
  • Skype for Business is transitioning to Microsoft Teams to become a single messaging, communication and collaboration solution.  Not sure which product you should use?  This Microsoft Support article can help you identify the features and differences of the two products.
  • To browse topics and FAQs within Microsoft Teams, select the Help icon and choose Browse topics