Mailing List / Listserv

Mailing list/listserv services are provided through the use of the GNU Mailman software package. FSU faculty and staff can manage mailing lists created to support their department or organization. Mailing lists are most useful for when departments want to send out announcements or communications to a large group of people, or when departments want to allow a closed group of people to easily communicate with each other. 

Mailing lists restrict who can send emails to the members, so an Office365 distribution list is more appropriate if you want to allow anyone to send email to your group or organization.

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Departments
  • Emails to the list are filtered for viruses and spam.
  • Web-based administrative interface allows list administrators to customize settings
  • List administrators can subscribe email addresses or allow members to self-subscribe
  • List administrators can restrict who can post to the mailing list
  • Archives of all the list postings, on a webpage that can be public or restricted to list members

New lists may only be requested by full-time faculty/staff, and must support the mission of the University. Student Organizations are not supported.

There is no charge for this service.

To set up a mailing list (listserv), submit a support request and include the following information:

  • Category: Faculty/Staff Services
  • Specialty Type: Email Listservs
  • Detail: Create a new listserv
  • Summary:
    • The Name that you would like the list to have:
      • Should conform to internet email standards, containing only letters, numbers, and dashes or underscores.
      • The list name will be used to create the list email address -
    • The email address(es) of the owner(s):
      • The owner(s) email address(es) must be in the domain. 
      • Lists can only be created with a single owner. If you would like to share ownership with another person, you can share the admin password with them. Anyone with that password can login and modify the list settings. You should also add their email address to the list administrator list in the General Options section, so they receive list admin notices.

No additional information