Mailing List / Listserv

Mailing list/listserv services are provided through the use of the GNU Mailman software package. There is a web-based administrative interface for list administrators. Lists can be moderated or unmoderated. All e-mail going to the lists are scanned for viruses and spam prior to delivery. List members can self-register or be administrator-added, depending on the list configuration.

New lists may only be requested by full-time faculty/staff, and must support the mission of the University.*

To set up a mailing list (listserv), submit a support request and include the following information:

  • Category: Faculty/Staff Services
  • Specialty Type: Email Listservs
  • Detail: Create a new listserv
  • Summary:
    • The Name that you would like the list to have:
      • Should conform to internet email standards, containing only letters, numbers, and dashes or underscores.
      • The list name will be used to create the list email address -
    • The email address(es) of the owner(s):
      • The owner(s) email address(es) must be in the domain.

FSU Mailing Lists

Frequently Asked Questions

GNU Mailman List Management Guide v 2.0

GNU Mailman List Manager's Quick Reference Card

Mailman: User Guide for List Subscribers


*Student Organizations are not supported.