Request a Calendar

With the university events calendar, you can spotlight not-to-be-missed events, track RSVPs, export events to social media and much more. All we need to do is create a filter, which lets you add events to the university calendar and display those same events on your unit’s website and other locations. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Sign in

First, you need to sign in to the university calendar to authenticate.

Go to 
Click the LOG IN link beneath the banner image
Click Log in with FSUID
Enter your FSUID and password and click LOGIN

2. Request a filter

An FSU employee at the director level or higher must submit a case and provide the following information:
Category: IT Support Services 
Type: Web Services
Detail: University Events Calendar System
Include the calendar name and name(s) and FSUID(s) of FSU employees who will serve as editors for the calendar.
Submit a Case

You will receive an email when your calendar filter is set up.

3. Create a widget

You can create a widget to display a list of events from the university calendar on your unit’s website.

Widget Builder
Calendar Widget Tip Sheet