Emergency Blue Light Telephones (EBLT)



The Blue Light Trail consists of over 400 strategically placed light poles equipped with emergency speaker phones and topped with strobe lights. If you are threatened, see anything suspicious or require any type of police assistance quickly, just push the emergency button to be connected with the FSU Police dispatcher.

The Emergency Phone Fee, added to each phone line, is used to cover the cost incurred for maintaining the Blue Lights and other emergency notification systems.


1. Look for a blue light.
The blue light identifies the location of the emergency phone.

2. Press the Emergency Phone button (No dialing is necessary)
A strobe light will flash and you will be connected to the University Police Department.

***Note the locations of the blue light telephones as you move about the campus. You may never need to use one, but you should be aware of their locations.

Reporting a Problem

To report a problem with a blue light phone, contact the Facilities Customer Service Center by phone at 850-644-2424. Provide the blue light tower number.

(This number is posted at the top of the bluelight phone, for example: E073)