Email Deactivation

FSU Retirees

Retired FSU faculty and staff are eligible to retain access to their employee email accounts upon request. To request the retention of an employee email account, retirees should submit a request via the FSU Service Center

FSU Employees

Per the university electronic mail policy, when an employee separates from FSU employment, access to the email account by the employee will be disabled. If an employee is terminated and the department or University requests that the account be closed, the account will be closed immediately.

Before your employment with FSU ends, we recommend that you do one of the following:

FSU Alumni* (and former students)

After you graduate and as an alumnus, you will retain your myFSU account.

Under the terms of agreement entered into by Florida State University and Microsoft your email address will not be shared, marketed or sold and your emails will not be mined. However, Microsoft may send Microsoft (only) related product information to you.

*Alumni enrolled as students 1981 or later are eligible to receive a myFSU ( account. Alumni enrolled as students prior to 1981 are not eligible to automatically receive a myFSU ( account, as they have no records in the student database. There is currently no system in place to enter alumni into the student database unless they are readmitted. We are committed to researching how we can add these alumni into the student database for the future.

For instructions on setting up your myFSU account, click here.

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