LDAP Authentication


LDAP authentication

If you would like to set up your departmental application to authenticate users using FSUID username and password, please submit a case to begin the Data Access Request process.

Download a Data Access Request document

Use ldap.fsu.edu as your LDAP server. It is a load-balanced address for redundancy. This is our highly available LDAP. You may need to install the *.fsu.edu certificate used by the LDAP server into your application to before you can successfully bind to the LDAP server using LDAPS.

In summary, the settings for using LDAP to authenticate users using FSUID username and password within your departmental application are:

  • Primary LDAP server: ldap.fsu.edu
  • LDAPS port: 636
  • Bind DN and password: Submit a case to get a proxy user account

Right click and "save link as" to download these certificates:

__fsu_edu_cert.cer 2.24 kB

__fsu_edu_interm.cer 5.59 kB

__its_fsu_edu_cert.cer 2.25 kB

__its_fsu_edu_interm.cer 5.59 kB

The ldap.fsu.edu servers use the wildcard *.fsu.edu certificate found in the "*_fsu_edu_cert.cer" file. This certificate was signed by two Comodo intermediate certificates that can be found in the "*_fsu_edu_interm.cer" file. Both files may be necessary if you are doing LDAPS connections to the FSU LDAP servers.

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