Departmental Changes

To make changes to your departmental listing, please submit a request using the FSU Service Center case management system. Please select, Category: IT Services, Type: Directory Services. For more information or help on this topic, submit a case with your contact information or call 644-HELP(4357).
To assist with edits, the current departmental listing is available on the web.

Directory Details:

  • Each department, main unit or program will have a minimum of one listing
  • References to staff and titles are not permitted
  • A phone number may only be used once
  • Each listing will include basic contact information (Division, Department, Unit or Program, main phone/fax numbers, and building and room).
  • When requesting updates, please reference the listings serial number which may be found from the pdf or excel file above.

Where is this information posted?

  • All listings will be included in online, automated and printed directory formats as follows:
    • FSU department and services searches at
    • Automated FSU directory assistance at 644-2525 or "0" on campus
    • CenturyLink Business Section of printed City Guides
    • Dex/CenturyLink Directory

Reminder: If an employee does not have a direct campus phone line or mobile phone listed in the Faculty & Staff Directory, please use your department's main telephone number as their campus contact. Instructions for reviewing and updating this information are located here.

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