Conference Calling

FSU in collaboration with DMS offers OpenVoice conference calling service allowing you to chat with peers on campus or host a presentation for followers around the world. FSU’s conference calling options give you the freedom to schedule calls anytime, anywhere, for up to 500 participants. Lines are toll-free and ideal for everything from small, spur-of-the-moment discussions to large-scale, official presentations and webinars.

  • Departments
  • Freedom to schedule calls 24/7
  • Support up to 500 participants per call
  • Toll-free calls can be originated or joined from anywhere in the world
  • Touchtone commands for roll call, recordings, conference continuation and more
  • Ability to schedule and manage calls online or via the OpenVoice mobile app or Outlook plugin

Access to the call requires the use of host and participant passcodes, which are assigned when the account is created.

*NOTE: A unique FSU issued email address is required to create the LogMeIn OpenVoice account.

There is no cost for this service.

Place an order with the following information:

  • Services: Non-Billable Services/Products>Meet-Me-Conference (Local, Toll-Free)
  • Details of Request: Meet Me Voice Conference

Six-Way conferencing | feature on VoIP phones that allows individuals to add up to five people to an existing call. These calls must be initiated from an on-campus VoIP line.  For instructions on initiating this conference feature, check out this FAQ.

For additional conference calling instructions or options, refer to the manual or guide for your phone on our Equipment Pricing page.


Create a repair ticket with the following information:

  • Select: Telephone Line/Service/Equipment 
  • Details of Repair Request: Enter a brief description of the problem