Cellular Allowance Policy


Florida State University's Cellular Allowance Policy is effective as of April, 2015.

Under this policy, departments can identify positions that require mobile access to perform critical job functions. Employees working in these positions then obtain cellular services through a personal account and receive a monthly, non-taxable allowance, as defined by the policy. Cellular allowances give employees the option to choose the cellular carrier, plan and device that best fits their needs.

This program enables the university to adopt a more cost-effective, risk-averse service model. By no longer purchasing cellphones and service plans for employees, the university anticipates a reduction in total administrative expenses of approximately $100,000 annually. The program also aligns with industry best practices and follows the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend.

This website contains several resources to help university cellphone users understand and comply with the policy. A copy of the policy and required approval forms are available, as well as detailed instructions to help you set up your cellular service plan. The site also includes information from major wireless carriers-including discounts-and answers to frequently asked questions.

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