Cellular Services & Equipment

Information Technology Services offers Departmental cellular service and equipment as well as a Cellular Allowance program for employees. The Cellular Allowance program reimburses employees for a portion of their personal cell phone bill. Cellular allowances give employees the freedom to choose the cellular carrier, plan and device that best fits their needs. Florida State University faculty and staff are also eligible for discounts on Verizon wireless and AT&T plans and accessories.  For more information please see the Requirements and Requests this service fields below.

If your department would like to manage it's own Verizon or AT&T voice and data plans and devices, please contact ITS Service Management to establish authorized account credentials. This will enable you to modify, add or remove plans as well as view invoices, usage and upgrade eligibility.  

Available To

  • Departments
  • Staff


  • Voice and data on multiple carrier platforms 
  • Push to talk for departmental lines
  • Discounted pricing
  • Moblie hotspots


Cellular Allowances

Eligibility for a cellular allowance is determined by departments. Individuals who are eligible for a cellular allowance include:

  • Employees who spend a significant portion of their assigned work time outside of their office or work area and it is essential to the university that the employee be accessible during those times.
  • Employees who must be continuously accessible beyond scheduled or normal working hours (e.g. on-call responsibilities for critical university services).
  • Employees whose position requires them to monitor and respond to email outside of the office or beyond normal scheduled working hours.
  • Employees who must have the ability and access to support critical university operations remotely and/or outside normal business hours.

Note: An employee does not have to meet all of these criteria to satisfy eligibility requirements. The final decision is made by the appropriate member of the funding department based on the needs of the department.

Departmental Service and Equipment

Provision of cellular services and devices as a departmental expense will only be supported in special cases where the equipment or service cannot reasonably be assigned to one individual. These exceptions require approval from the department and Information Technology Services (ITS). The following types of lines will stay departmentally-funded:

  • OPS employees
  • Grant-funded (C&G)*
  • On-call / shared lines
  • Data-only devices (e.g. MiFi, tablets

*Final eligibility approval is determined by Sponsored Research


Cellular Allowances

You may establish your service with any cellular carrier. Florida State University has cellular contracts with both Verizon and AT&T. Discounted rates are listed for these carriers under additional information. Please contact other carriers to obtain specific instructions and inquire about available discounts.

You will need to take several steps to start receiving a cellular allowance, as approved by your department. Follow the detailed instructions below to get started.

Departmental Services and Equipment

Follow the steps below for your desired carrier.

VZW Logo


ATT Logo


Additional Information

Staff Discount

Staff are eligible for an 18% discount on rate plans and 25% off accessories with Verizon Wireless.

  • Activation fees waived.
  • Early termination fees waived.
  • Discount applies to existing and new retirees.
  • To register your existing line of service or activate a new line click here.
    • Register or Sign in to My Verizon to get started
    • You must use your official *@fsu.edu email address in order to receive the discount (departmental emails [ex:*@med.fsu.edu] and*@admin.fsu.edu will not work)

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