Voice (Centrex) Report Terminology Guide

Reports are sent to supervisor or designated representative via e-mail.


This field represents the calls offered to the ACD group. Calls will register in this field when at least one agent is logged into the system.


This field represents the calls answered.


Calls that cannot be immediately answered by agents will enter a call queue where callers will hear an announcement followed by music while they wait. The next available agent will take the caller. When all logged in agents are on existing ACD calls, subsequent callers will enter the queue until maximum queue size is met. The deflect field represents the total calls sent to a "busy" as a result of a full queue. Conditions which may cause a call to deflect:

  • Full queue, as described above, or . . .
  • The maximum wait time has been exceeded. The maximum wait time is a safeguard which clocks the first caller that entered the queue. Regardless of how many callers are in queue at the time, if the first caller has exceeded the maximum wait time, subsequent callers will be deflected to a "busy".

*The call queue size and the maximum wait time may be changed according to user needs.


This figure represents the number of calls abandoned (out of calls offered) before being answered by an agent.


This figure represents calls sent to the night service.


This field allows calculation of minutes of use. The figure is divided by 0.6 to obtain minutes of use.


This figure represents the number of calls (out of calls offered) that were queued before they were answered.


This field is not used.

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