Telephone Instrument Maintenance Guidelines

Telephone instruments purchased from ITS, will be repaired or replaced with a comparable unit for the expected lifecycle of the unit (approximately 10 years).

What is included:

Defective telephone instruments purchased through ITS that malfunction due to normal wear (this includes telephone add on modules)

Technician time and labor for fulfilling the repairs

What is not included:

Special instrument purchases such as Polycom speaker phones, Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), elevator phones, residence hall entrance phones, and blue light phones

If a customer wants to select an upgraded model versus a comparable instrument replacement as a repair solution

Accessories such as headsets, shoulder cradles, amplifiers, long handset and receiver cords

Purchases made from other providers or outside vendors such as fax machines, answering machines, copiers

Non-University purchased or installed equipment

Wireless devices such as cell phones, mobile hotspots and laptops

Instruments which are lost, stolen, or vandalized, or which malfunction due to improper or abusive treatment

Damage or replacement resulting from theft or malicious vandalism

Service calls placed on these instruments that are not covered by maintenance may result in a fee to the department to cover technician time

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