myFSU BI is a web-based system that provides intuitive, efficient and robust reporting of FSU's Administrative and Student systems. Through this system users should expect fast report execution, flexible interaction with reports through dashboards, and the ability to perform self-service reporting. myFSU BI contains core HR, Financial, Student Central, Legacy Student Information system, and various DSA system reports that are important to day-to-day activities of Departments and Central Offices. Job aids for accessing and leveraging these reports are available.


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Departments
  • Self-service reporting
  • Access to HR, Financial, and new Student Central information
  • Access to Legacy Student Information

No additional requirements

There is no charge for this service.

To obtain access to myFSU BI Reporting submit an Online Role Request.
Current users can access the system by clicking the BI icon within the myFSU portal or navigate to

In addition to address to HR, Financial, and new Student Central information, myFSU BI provides access to Legacy Student Information. To request access to Legacy Student Information through myFSU BI, please visit out Online Access Forms Page.

This system was formerly known as OMNI Business Intelligence (OBI).


Questions regarding data delivered through these systems should be addressed by the respective central offices.

  • For reporting data about students, contact the Registrar's office (850-644-1050).
  • For reporting data about faculty or staff, contact Human Resources (850-644-6034).
  • For financial data, contact the Controller's office and for official university data and statistics, contact FSU Institutional Research (850-644-4203).