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Email Migration Complete

The student email migration is complete. All students now have @fsu.edu email accounts.

On May 4, all student email accounts upgraded to @fsu.edu email addresses.

This means one email system for all of FSU, which will make it easier for you to collaborate with the entire FSU family.


May 4, 2022

What is changing?

Your FSU email address will end with @fsu.edu instead of @my.fsu.edu

Your new email will look like this: FSUID@fsu.edu

email icon

Your emails, calendar and contacts will be moved to the new @fsu.edu account

people icon

Your OneDrive data will be moved to your new Office 365 account

people icon

Your Microsoft Teams data will NOT be moved to your new Office 365 account

lock icon

You will no longer be able to access your @my.fsu.edu email account after May 4

forward arrow icon

Mail will forward from your @my.fsu.edu account to your @fsu.edu account through the Fall 2022 semester

laptop icon

FSU will update your email address for most university apps

email icon

Your @fsu.edu email will be where you receive all official university communications

directory icon

Your name and contact info will be listed in the FSU directory

Bookmark the new email sign in page


This is how you will access your email after May 4. Or you can continue to use the email icon link in myFSU Portal.

NOTE: Remember to sign in to your account with your new FSU email address: FSUID@fsu.edu

What do I need to do before the upgrade?

Save Teams files

If you use Microsoft Teams, save a copy of your Teams files to a cloud storage account or personal storage device. You can reupload these files to your new Teams site after May 4.
Save Teams Files

What do I need to do after the upgrade?

Step 1

Clear your cache

Start by clearing your cache and cookies from your web browser

Clear Cache

Step 1

Sign in

Use the new sign in page (outlook.com/fsu.edu) to login to your account

Sign In

Step 1

Set up your account

You will need to set up your new FSUID@fsu.edu email on your computer, phone and other devices.

Set Up Account

Step 2

Update Office 365 apps

Update your Office 365 apps on all your devices by signing out and signing in with your new @fsu email and password.

Update Apps

Update your contact info

Update your old @my.fsu.edu email address you have listed for accounts, such as Netflix, Instagram, Amazon or digital textbooks, to point to your new FSUID@fsu.edu email.


Update mail forwarding

If you are using mail forwarding, update your settings to forward mail from your new @fsu.edu email or discontinue forwarding.

Update Mail Forwarding Settings



Why can't I access my new email account?

If you have issues signing in to your FSU email account, make sure you are using the new sign in page: outlook.com/fsu.edu. Then, log in using your new email, in the format FSUID@fsu.edu. If you still experience issues clear your cache and cookies.

Why are all my emails not showing up in my new email account?

It may take a few days for your new @fsu.edu email account to fully sync. If you do not see all your mail, don’t worry, all mail will show up in the next few days.

Will my email change if I graduated in Spring 2022?

Yes. If you are an FSU alumnus or alumna who graduated in Spring 2022, your email address will upgrade to an @fsu.edu address, and you will retain access to your account for one year after graduation.

How do I change the email address I send from in Outlook?

If you are a student employee, you likely have an official FSUID@fsu.edu email address and an alias email that uses your first initial and last name. If you would like to select which address your emails come from, follow these instructions to send a message from an alias email. This feature is available in the online and desktop versions of Outlook, but is not available in the Outlook mobile app.

What is the benefit for me?

Students will gain access to the same Office 365 tools as faculty and staff, making it easier to collaborate across FSU. Students also will get a 100 GB mailbox, which is double the size of current student email accounts. Finally, all emails will end with @fsu.edu instead of @my.fsu.edu, giving it a more professional look.

Will any data be deleted from my @my.fsu.edu account?

No. Your mail, calendar and contact data will be copied to your new @fsu.edu email account. OneDrive data will also be copied to your new account. Then, in December 2022 your old @my.fsu.edu account will be closed completely.

What support is FSU providing to current students during the upgrade?

To ease this transition to your new account, FSU will transfer all student email, calendar and contact data associated with your @my.fsu.edu account to your new @fsu.edu account. FSU will also transfer all OneDrive data to your new account.

Where can I find my student email if I am a student employee?

Your student email will appear in your employee email account in a new folder named myFSU_Email. All calendar items and contacts from your student account will merge with your employee calendar and contacts.

What if I am a student employee and do not want my student and employee emails to mix up?

If you currently have two FSU email accounts, your student and employee accounts will be combined into one mailbox and calendar. Email rules are a great way to organize your inbox. You can set up rules to automatically move emails from a certain sender or with certain words to another folder. We suggest setting up a “Work” or “School” folder within your email account and creating rules to route emails accordingly. Email Rules Support Article

What will happen to my inbox during the upgrade?

You can continue to use your @my.fsu.edu email until May 4, 2022. After May 4, all your @my.fsu.edu email data will appear in your @fsu.edu account. If you are a student employee, you may notice your @my.fsu.edu data begin to appear in your @fsu.edu account before May 4 while the upgrade is in progress.

What will happen to my old student account after the upgrade?

After May 4, 2022, you will no longer be able to access your old student email account. Incoming emails sent to your FSUID@my.fsu.edu account will be forwarded to your new FSUID@fsu.edu account through Fall 2022. During this time, an “Out of Office” or auto reply email will be sent to anyone who emails your old @my.fsu.edu address letting them know your email address has changed. After Fall 2022, your FSUID@my.fsu.edu account will be deleted.

Will emails to my old student email forward to my new FSU email?

Emails sent to your old student email (FSUID@my.fsu.edu) will forward to your new FSU email (FSUID@fsu.edu) through the Fall 2022 semester. After that, the @my.fsu.edu domain will go away completely and forwarding will stop.

What will happen to forwards from my @my.fsu.edu account to other email addresses I have set up?

Forwards will be removed and replaced with a forward to your new @fsu.edu mailbox. This forward end after the Fall 2022 semester. If you would like to forward mail from your new @fsu.edu email, you will need to update your settings and follow the steps for How do I forward my email to another email address?

Why did I receive a reply message when I emailed an old @my.fsu.edu email account?

All @my.fsu.edu student email accounts will send the following automatic reply when a message is sent to the old mailbox through December 2022.
We’re sorry. The email account you attempted to email (fsuid@my.fsu.edu) is no longer in use.
This email account recently changed, and you may reach the recipient at fsuid@fsu.edu. Please update your contacts accordingly.
Emails will be forwarded to the new account until December 2022.
Thank you,
Florida State University
This reply lets you know your message was forwarded to a new @fsu.edu account and you should stop using the @my.fsu.edu email address. Individuals who are sending bulk email to @my.fsu.edu addresses will need to update their contacts and start sending to @fsu.edu addresses. Individuals who are receiving a plethora of autoreply messages may want to send from a no-reply address or set up a temporary email rule using text from the body to address these emails.

Will rules I set for my student email transfer to my FSU email?

Rules created in your student email account will not transfer to your new FSU email account.

How can I find all the places I have used my @my.fsu.edu email?

FSU does not keep a list of third-party accounts where you have used your FSU email. If you use a password manager, you can use it to look for usernames that use your @my.fsu.edu account. Some common places you may have used your @my.fsu.edu email are Amazon, YouTube, Discord, Spotify, LinkedIn, Hulu and Instagram.

What if I have listed my @my.fsu.edu email on my resume or portfolio?

Update your contact info on your resume and portfolio as soon as possible after May 4. And remember, FSU will forward mail from your @my.fsu.edu account through the Fall 2022 semester before closing the account completely, so you will have plenty of time to transition if you are in the middle of a job search.

What email should I use after May 4?

After May 4, you should begin to use your new @fsu.edu account. Bookmark the new sign in page: outlook.com/fsu.edu. You will receive a welcome message in your new FSUID@fsu.edu account after the upgrade is complete. At that time, you will no longer be able to access your old @my.fsu.edu account.

How will I get my student athletic tickets?

FSU Athletics is aware of the change to student emails. The FSU Athletics Tickets Office will coordinate with students to make the change between June and December 2022 to update all student email addresses in the FSU Athletics system.

Will I lose my Microsoft 365 ProPlus access?

No. You will not lose access to your free downloads of Microsoft 365 ProPlus if you are a current student or employee. You will, however, likely need to update your Office 365 apps on all your devices by signing out and signing in with your new @fsu email and password. Just remember your Microsoft 365 files will convert to a read-only status after graduation unless you purchase a subscription or reinstall a previous version.

Why is my email no longer protected by FERPA?

On February 8 the FSU Board of Trustees approved modifying the university’s FERPA directory information to include student email addresses, enabling student contact information to be listed in the FSU directory. You still have the option to hide your account if you choose.

What is my FSUID?

Your FSUID is your username for signing in and accessing many Florida State University systems and resources, including myFSU Portal, Canvas, OMNI and Wi-Fi. You will use this username nearly every day during your time as a Nole. If you forgot your FSUID, follow these instructions to find your FSUID.


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