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The Service Center is an IT service hub that provides standardized IT based service management in a centralized fashion. Service Management is a set of specialized organizational capabilities which provide value to customers in the form of service and support. Using ITIL® standards as a guide, our Service Center area(s) must act in unison to provide IT deliverables through predefined and unified business processes. The objective is to simplify, integrate and streamline these processes.

Although all of our ITS units provide levels of service and support, the primary goal of the Service Center is to provide a centralized contact point to either satisfy or move requests into the appropriate processes and to ensure a positive customer experience. This begins with pleasant/efficient first contact and extends through timely and accurate resolution and/or fulfillment to final completion and follow-up of every type of request. To achieve this goal requires planning, simple but efficient request initiation, collaboration, training, campus awareness, strong end user and peer communication, timely fulfillment processes and completion notices, pro-active quality assurance methods and reporting, as well as after-care that includes personal follow-up and useful training aids.

The ITS Service Center is grouped into the following main support areas:

  1. Central Service Desk
    • 1stLine Support Entry Point (Tier 1 - Level 1):
      • General Information, phone, email & walk-in coverage and initiation of requests whether work order or repair
      • Tier 1 Support for Campus-wide Enterprise systems & services (i.e. directory assistance and ticketing systems)
      • Tier 2 and 3 Support - ITS Services (Ticket ownership)
    • 2ndLine Support Service/Incident Management (Tier 1 - Level 2):Back up Support for Level 1 (ITS Ticket ownership in cooperation with the Service Desk Level 1)
      • Resolves some level of incidents/service requests
  2. Advanced Technical Service - Tier 2
    • Advanced Technical Support
      • Provides support in cooperation with the Service Desk to resolve more complex problems to allow ownership of ITS cases.
      • If unable to resolve issues they are routed to ITS Service Providers (Tier3)
    • Student Computing Support
      • Provides support for operating systems and software troubleshooting for students.
  3. Service Management (Customer Service)
    • Service Requests - Ownership for the ITS workorder and estimate process
    • Service Deployment - Ownership of ITS Service Delivery Tools: Service Portfolio, and Processes, Change Management and Ticketing System
  4. ITS Service Provider Groups (Tier 3)
    • Provides and supports the ITS products and services offered in the ITS Service Catalog.
  5. External FSU Vendors/Partners
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