Information Security

The security arm of the Information Security and Privacy Office (ISPO) at Florida State University concentrates on protecting the university's technical environment-IT resources and data-in several focus areas.

Security Policy

>> build a foundation

The FSU Information Security Policy establishes a framework of minimum standards and best practices for the security of data and IT resources at Florida State University.

Training and Outreach

>> share responsibility for cybersecurity

Training and outreach is the focus area that addresses the weakest link in the quest for a secure environment-people. Employees are a top cause of data breaches, often through carelessness. Through effective security training, we hope to transform the Florida State population into the university's first line of defense in support of information security and privacy.

Risk Management

>> assess and mitigate

Risk management is a proactive approach to assessing threats, vulnerabilities and possible impacts in order to determine the best and most cost effective mitigations.

Incident Management

>> respond when bad stuff happens

Through effective incident management, ISPO facilitates response efforts when cyber events occur. These activities help minimize potential damage in the event of a security threat.

Security Operations

>> meet the tactical team

The mission of the security operations team is to provide protection to FSU's network and any devices using the network. This is achieved through the use of a network monitoring service, an intrusion prevention system, website privacy assessments, penetration testing, automated vulnerability scanning, provision of Microsoft security patches and System Center Endpoint Protection and incident analysis and response.

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