What is ITS?

Monday 04/21/2014


Technology and acronyms go hand-in-hand. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head trying to make sense of the IT infrastructure (and language) at Florida State University, you’re not alone. You may even echo the words of one campus employee, “I have no idea what ITS is . . . to me, all computer-related stuff is the same.”

So, it’s time to shed some light on the question, “What is ITS?”

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the central IT organization for Florida State University. ITS provides students, faculty and staff with the IT devices, services and support required to do mission-critical work. ITS consists of eight units and provides a wide range of services including email, website development, desktop support, computer labs, online training and software licensing.

Most day-to-day tasks are supported by ITS units that operate behind-the-scenes to keep things running around the clock at Florida State, overseeing services such as networking and wired and wireless Internet connections; telephone and voicemail services; and data centers that store and process the massive amounts of digital data being created and exchanged every second. Some units that departments may work with directly from time to time are Enterprise Resource Planning, which develops and supports integrated, university-wide systems such as OMNI, Campus Solutions and myFSU Portal, and ITS Security & Privacy, which oversees the safety and security of the university’s cyber environment.

Another branch of ITS, University Technology Administration, manages all of the outward-facing IT services, including tech support, classroom technology and Web services. This same branch oversees the ITS Service Desk, the first point of contact for assistance with IT services. The Service Desk uses the online FSU Service Center Case Management system as a tool to create and route cases.

ITS also maintains a close partnership with other organizations at Florida State, such as the Research Computing Center and Northwest Regional Data Center, which operate as units of ITS.

Over the years, ITS has amassed more and more technology responsibilities to support the needs of the university and has gone through several reorganizations and name changes as new units have been brought together under the central ITS umbrella. You may remember the department as Telecommunications or Office of Technology Integration, though those names no longer exist, the associated services are provided through ITS. Future ITS initiatives will continue to evolve the department.

Find out more about ITS and its many services by searching the Service Catalog on the ITS website or visiting the ITS Service Desk located in the Shaw building on West Call Street.

ITS Acronyms
CTS = Computing Technology Support
ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning
IOS = Infrastructure and Operational Support
ISPO = Information Security and Privacy
ITAPP = Information Technology Administration Partnership Program
MSTS = Microsoft Technologies Services
NWRDC = Northwest Regional Data Center
RCC = Research Computing Center
TEC = Technology Enhanced Classrooms
UITM = University Information Technology Managers
UTA = University Technology Administration