We Are IT | Meet Ausar Amadi

Wednesday 03/09/2022

What started as an “on-a-whim" job for Ausar Amadi turned into a career and opportunity to make a difference in others’ lives. This FSU alum spends his days helping others navigate the ins and outs of FSU technology as a level II Service Desk support technician. From updating ITS procedures to jumping in to field Service Desk calls when the lines get swamped, Ausar finds joy in solving problems and making others’ lives easier. Other things Ausar enjoys? Music production, history documentaries and cooking up spicy Caribbean dishes.

Where are you from?

I am from south Florida, Coral Springs. I came up to Tallahassee in 2013.

Where did you attend school?

Florida State University. I did all my years here and graduated in 2017 with an editing, writing and media major. I played to my strong suits with my degree, and it has helped me in the long run to be more of an effective communicator—concise, precise.

Why did you choose to work in technology?

It was kind of an on-a-whim thing. Throwing a dart at the board. 

I was coming up on graduation, and I needed a job. I had applied to quite a few jobs through the FSU jobs site before I looked at the job description for the Service Desk level I technician. I applied to it. And I ended up getting the job! Shortly after I started, I was learning a lot in the position and figured I might as well step up to the plate, so I became a level II technician.

I never would have guessed that this would be my path, but it has helped.

How long have you been at FSU?

I joined ITS in June 2017.

Before that I worked in guest services at Oglesby Union and the Leach Center. I also worked with the CARE program as a Summer Bridge Ambassador. I have seen all facets of student life and staff life at FSU, and I am able to relay some of that knowledge to the customers I interact with on a daily basis. I try to give some perspective from my experience.

What is your role at FSU?

My average day would be creating, converting and routing cases for customers. I am responsible for updating ITS procedures and information stored in the knowledge base, updating statistics for tracking purposes and reporting outages when our ITS services are down. 

I can also be backup for the main line if the lines get flooded and level I technicians need help. I act as a liaison to make sure issues get resolved, either by doing preliminary troubleshooting or escalating cases up to tier 2 support. I work with the customer to figure out where the issue lies and relay that information over to the technicians. Part of the job is educating customers so they can feel more confident and secure in their job duties. I let customers know why we do what we do and make it a learning opportunity for them. It can be a really stressful situation, but as long as we all play our part and stay on top of it and treat issues with urgency, we see a good success rate.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy knowing that I am able to make a difference, even if it is something small—doing little things where the customer feels more confident with the resources we have here. I have had comments from customers saying, “Wow! Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me. No one ever told me that.” Customers are very appreciative that I connected the dots for them or got them access to a resource. Anything I can do to make your life easier.

What is the most rewarding project you have worked on at FSU?

I would say the One O365 project and updating our knowledge base. It is an important task because we are the first contact for help from many students, staff and campus partners at FSU, so we need to make sure procedures are up-to-date and ready for our team to assist others. At the Service Desk level, it is about how we effectively communicate these changes to the customer and let them know it is for everyone’s benefit to be in one Office 365 ecosystem. 

Other than your cellphone, what is your go-to, can't-live-without piece of tech?

It would be between my MacBook Pro and Xbox One X. Either one of those is going to be my escape or release from work. On my Xbox I am playing games. On my computer, I am on Netflix or YouTube or Spotify.

If you were to invent one piece of technology, what would it be?

I used to watch Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide on Nickelodeon. I would make glasses like Cookie had. He was a character on the show, and his glasses would let him see and quantify data real-time in the world around him. It would be like Siri, but instead of asking, you would just look at something and see all the information about it. You could pull up Google searches. You would just put them on, and they would answer all your questions right there. They’d be stylish though. Maybe aviators. 😎

What is a fun fact about you?

I was the director of the Freshman Leadership Institute at FSU. That was during my junior year of college. It was a very profound experience and had a big impact on me. It was an influential opportunity to see the incoming and emerging class of leaders at FSU and help shape their outlook on what the essence of leadership truly is. 

I saw full circle how students come in and have all these hopes and aspirations. But I learned throughout my time on campus that you don’t have to do everything and be everywhere at once. I taught the students to fine tune their passion and focus on where they felt they could make the most impact and change at FSU and in their communities.

At the end of the day, it is about the little things you can do and the little change you can make to spark a change in somebody else. It doesn’t have to be you that goes on to change the world, but you can plant that seed and people can reciprocate it to pass on that energy to the next generations of leaders.

Hopefully I was able to help those students out with their leadership journey and discover who they are throughout that process.

Talk a little bit about your family.

My dad immigrated from Jamaica to the United States. . My mom is from New York. They met at a reggae concert in Florida. I have two amazing sisters. I am the middle child. My family gave me a well-rounded perspective on life and culture, from cooking to music. Overall, I had a pretty chill childhood.

What do you do in your free time?

Definitely listen to music. I like oldies music, like prohibition-era and doo-wop groups. When I get in a creative mood, I'll dabble in music production. What I want to get into is crate digging, looking through boxes of vinyls to find interesting albums and search for samples.

I love cooking. I like learning recipes. I used to watch a lot of Food Network and pick up recipes or would pick up lessons from my dad. I just recently learned how to make fried dumplings; they call it “festival” in Jamaica. If I’m not cooking a Caribbean dish though, I’ll go for street tacos. I like heat and spice and flavor in my dishes.

I also listen to a lot of podcasts nowadays. I feel like they are a great way to get information and knowledge. I can listen to people talk all day if they have wisdom to impart. And I like history. I like to watch a lot of documentaries, trying to gain knowledge and understanding of the vast world around me.